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The Weirder Side Of Things

OKC Bombing

Was Timothy Mcveigh a lone bomber as the press and government has led us to believe after all these years. 

Or was he part a bigger conspiracy at work?

The Bizarre Disappearance 

Of Maura Murray

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Anthony Bamonte - 

Creator- Cofounder 

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When Maura Murray crashed her car into a snow bank on February 4, 2009 police believed she had fled because she was drunk and would return for her car later. 

However, not only did that not happen but almost two decades later her actions beforehand have left more questions than answers. 

What happen to Maura Murray remains a mystery to this day.


Area 52

Right next to Area 51 is an even more secretive base with deep technology secrets and whispers of an alien presence. 

What exactly goes on at the Dugway Proving Grounds - better known as Area 52?